What do plumbing contractors do?

Plumbing contractors are responsible for installing, maintaining, troubleshooting and repairing all matter of plumbing installations and components. A typical plumbing system consists of pipes, pipe fittings, fixtures, valves, etc that make possible the movement of water into and out of a building. Some plumbing contractors in Bloomington MN specialize in the residential sector while others deal with commercial and industrial requirements.

With the amount of work to be done some plumbing contractors focus exclusively on maintenance, they count among their clients the owners of multi-unit facilities such as apartments, hotels, hospitals, condos, etc. Other plumbing contractors may work exclusively on new home construction projects while others will deal with renovations and remodeling projects that require replacement, relocation or upgrading of plumbing and sewer installations.

If a plumbing contractor is contacted over the phone and the problem is little more than clearing a clogged pipe then a price for the service can usually be given on the spot. If the project is major, this is not the case; the contractor will visit the site so that he is in a position to prepare a comprehensive proposal to do the work. Once the contractor has had a chance to inspect the work whether it’s a major repair or a new installation he is in a position to offer a firm written quotation that includes the price, the time line and the scope of work.

Once the owner has accepted the proposal the contractor begins to gather all the necessary tools and components that are needed to do the job. The common tools that are used by plumbing contractors in Bloomington MN include wrenches, sewer snakes, pipe cutters and tube benders. Most plumbing jobs use commonly available components, most of which are stocked by the contractor.

Depending on the scope of the work the plumbing contractor may be responsible for obtaining a building permit from the local authorities. As an independent business the contractor must also ensure that all the necessary licenses needed are kept current, the same is true for the workers compensation and liability insurance policies that are needed.

To stay up to date in the profession, plumbing contractors in Bloomington MN need to keep up to date with any changes to the codes, the contractor must also stay abreast with all the new products and processes that come into play. To be successful in this demanding profession the contractor must perform quality work so that his current customers are willing to recommend the company to others who need similar services.

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