Follow These Steps Before Calling Plumbers In Seattle WA To Repair Your Busted Water Pipe

Water from a busted plumbing pipe can ruin your floors, furniture and belongings, so you must act fast to get the situation under control. When you have a busted water pipe, it’s essential that you follow the steps below and contact a company that employs experienced Plumbers in Seattle WA to reduce the damage to your home.

1. As soon as you notice the busted or leaking water pipe, you must turn off the water at the shutoff valve. This will turn off the water to your house and stop it from causing any more damage to your home. You’ll find the shutoff valve where the water comes into your house and it’s most often found in the basement or in the crawl space. If you can’t locate this valve, you can also stop the water from running in by shutting off the valve at the main line. The main line shutoff valve is located outside and you’ll find it underneath a round metal plate that rests on top of the ground. Lift the lid to expose the shutoff valve knob. Turn the knob until you’ve shut off the water to your home.

2. If the water is rising close to any electrical outlets, turn off the electric by flipping the main switch in your circuit breaker box. After shutting off the water and making sure that there isn’t any electrical dangers, call a plumber in your area.

3. If the water has reached any of your furniture or belongings, remove them from the area that’s saturated with water. By quickly removing these items, you can reduce the amount of damage to your belongings. After you’ve cleared the room, mop up the water that’s on your floor and place fans in the room to dry out the area. Before moving your belongings back into the room, make sure that they’ve completely dried out. If any of your furniture or belongings are ruined from the water, don’t bring them back into your home because they could have mold growth.

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