What is a Drain Cleanout?

A drain cleanout can be found in fixture drains in the home or in the branch sewer leading from the home to the municipal sanitary sewer that runs along the street. Without a cleanout it would prove very difficult for a Wilmette plumbing company to access the pipe to clear a plug or a clog. The cleanout can be found in the ā€œPā€ trap of plumbing fixtures, in the basement or crawl space of the home as well as in the branch line, often the cleanout is close to the property line.

In the event a blockage should occur in either a fixture drain or the main branch sewer it is possible for a Wilmette plumbing company to gain access to the pipe. With the assistance of such sophisticated devises as CCTV cameras the technicians can enter the drains and determine where the clog is and what it is. Depending on the nature of the problem, the plumbers will know how to go about solving the problem. If the camera should reveal that it is tree roots for example that have grown into the branch sewer this will demand one solution where a simple clog caused by hair, food debris, soap scum etc will call for a different solution.

In many homes there is a succession of cleanout plugs along the sewer pipe with the first access to the pipe being in the basement. Although a Wilmette plumbing company will have rooters and snakes with long cables, the shorter the distance from the access point to the clog the better because in many cases, once the clog is dislodged; the plumber must introduce a high pressure water source into the pipe to push the debris completely through the pipe.

Having immediate access to the clogged sewer or drain is very important as contaminated water can quickly back up and spill over a fixture onto the floor. If a homeowner notices an issue with the draining of any one of the home appliances that use water such as the dishwasher or washing machine, or any of the fixtures, then it is important to cease using any water in the home until the problem is rectified. It is not overly difficult to clean surfaces such as a tiled floor or a shower stall but if an overflow should soak carpeting or even wick up the drywall then the problem is even more acute and certainly more costly.

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