Signs You Need Water Heater Repair in Appleton WI

When it comes to your water heater, there is one clear sign that it is not operating properly: ice cold water seconds after you start the shower. However, this is only one sign that you need Water Heater Repair in Appleton WI. Some other issues that will let you know you need water heater repair are highlighted here.

Rusty Water

A clear sign that you need water heater repair is when you begin to notice rust colored water. This will be noticeable when you turn on your tap or faucet. In most cases this issue is caused by an older or worn out anode that needs to be replaced.

Water that Smells Funny

Were you aware that your water heater tank can develop bacterial infections? If you notice that your water is smelling funny, you should call a professional to flush out all of the old water and then sanitize the water heater in order to eliminate the issue that is present.

Mineral Deposits

Another clear sign of damage to your water heater is if there is an excess amount of sediments present. You will likely notice that this is an issue if you begin to notice strange sounds from the unit. In most cases, this results in the sediment burning off inside of the tank.


If there is water pooled around your water heater, this is a clear sign that the unit is leaking. It is important to have the pipes and tank inspected in order to find the leak and have it fixed right away. This applies to all types of water heaters, gas or electric.


If you have noticed any signs of corrosion on the exterior of the unit or on the interior line, you need to call for Water Heater Repair in Appleton WI right away. If this problem is not treated it can result in extremely expensive repairs later on.

When you know the signs to look for you can ensure that any water heater issues are handled right away before the damage becomes more expensive to fix. For more information regarding your hot water heater, visit This will help you catch issues early on.




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