Is It Time for a New Boiler In Rockland County NY?

With the right type of maintenance and repair, a Boiler In Rockland County NY will last for many years. Eventually, the time will come when there is a need for a new one. Homeowners should be aware of some of the signs that this time is approaching, and be ready to invest in a new one once the old one shuts down for the last time.

Drips and Leaks: The development of leaks that seem to spring up overnight is a good sign that the structural integrity of the boiler is beginning to weaken. When it seems as if the leaks are happening faster than they can be repaired, there is no doubt that a change is in order. Installing a new Boiler In Rockland County NY will not only save a lot in repair costs; it will also ensure that the homeowner does not have to deal with an unusually high water bill.

Temperature Fluctuations: When the thermostat for the boiler is left at the same setting but the temperature seems to go up and down, that is another sign that the equipment is not long for this world. Have a professional check the thermostat to make sure it is working properly. If so, then the issue is likely something much more complex. Depending on what it would cost to make the necessary repairs, buying a new boiler could be the most practical approach.

The Vanishing Pilot Light: If the pilot light seems to go out for no apparent reason, it does make sense to look for anything that could be causing a draft. When nothing is found, then there is a good chance that the mechanism itself is beginning to fail. Since this could also lead to releasing gas into the home, something must be done quickly. If the cost of repairs is too great, then go ahead and invest in a new boiler.

To Learn more, take the time to talk with a professional about what can happen with a boiler as it ages. This will help the homeowner to be more aware of the little signs that indicate that the equipment is past its prime. With a little luck, the professional can help maintain the boiler while the owner makes plans to replace it with something newer and more energy efficient. Follow us on Twitter for our latest updates!



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