Signs It’s Time For Furnace Repair in Bellingham, WA

Bellingham residents know that the winters here can get cold. Most find that dealing with cold weather for a few months out of the year is a more than worthwhile trade-off for everything the area has to offer, but living in sometimes cold climates comes with some added responsibilities for homeowners. One of those is ensuring a constant and consistent supply of heat for the household. That’s where the furnace comes in. No matter how cold it is outside, a fine-tuned heating system will turn a home into an oasis of warmth and comfort. This is only the case when everything is in good working order, though.

Preventative maintenance is the best way to avoid interruptions to home heating and sometimes expensive Furnace Repair in Bellingham WA, but maintaining a consistent maintenance schedule can’t prevent the need for occasional repairs as furnaces age. Calling in a professional as soon as the first sign of damage begins to manifest itself can help to minimize the amount of time the heating system needs to be off-line for repairs. Below are a few early warning signs that the need for repairs is imminent.

Weak Air Flow

If the air flow is weak coming out of the heating vents, there are a few components that could be at fault, including belts, motors, and filters. Repairing or replacing them is best left to someone with experience.

Short Cycling

When a furnace turns on and off repeatedly or turns off before the home has reached the right temperature, it’s known as short cycling. This issue can be very frustrating, as it causes a great deal of difficulty reaching optimal heat. Similarly, if a furnace does not shut off when optimal temperatures are reached it also indicates the need for repairs.

Thermostat Stops Working

If the thermostat is not registering temperature correctly, it can manifest itself as a need to turn the heat up far too high to get the desired results. This often occurs as a result of electrical issues rather than mechanical ones, but unless someone in the home is a licensed electrician, it’s probably best to call in a pro.

These are only a few issues that can occur in even an otherwise well-functioning furnace. Homeowners experiencing these or other problems can visit to contact a professional for Furnace Repair in Bellingham WA.

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