How to Guard Your HVAC System from the Winter

The worst time of the year for a heating system to experience a problem is the wintertime. Just as snow, ice, and wind cause short and long-term damage to a house, the same might cause expensive damage to your HVAC unit. Landsdale residents who take a simple but necessary step to maintain and protect their HVAC unit within the coolest time of the year are going to maximize the system’s life span, and require fewer repairs which may assist in saving on month-to-month usage costs.

Winter Maintenance for Landsdale, PA HVAC Systems

  • Removal of debris: Keep the space around and on the heating unit free and clear of overgrown vegetation, pine needles, leaves, and snow.
  • Cover your air conditioning: right as the weather gets cold, put a cover over your air conditioning system to guard it from debris. If you own a portable system, put it in a sheltered, dry space.
  • Gutters: Make sure the gutters do not drip onto your HVAC system.

How to Prevent Winter Weather Damage to your HVAC system

Air filters: Change your air filters regularly in your cooling and heating systems as suggested by the manufacturer. As the heating unit works harder within the wintertime, you may have to replace your filters more often.

Placement of HVAC: Install your HVAC unit on a platform rather than right on the ground. Your system must be at least 18” away from the house.

Correct drainage: Make sure that water from snowmelt and rain drains away from the house.

Wind protection: Develop a wind barrier that is at least 18” away from your HVAC system. You may use a fence or shrubs that offer extra protection.

Component protection: If you own a boiler or gas furnace, protect the intake pipes and exhaust from snow and rain.

Fins and coils: Inspect the fins and coils regularly on the HVAC system to make sure they’re in good condition. At least once a year, clean the components.

Expert maintenance: Employ an HVAC expert to maintain and inspect the heating unit towards the end of summertime. Similarly, employ an expert to review the cooling system within the springtime.


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