Residential Plumbers in Altamonte Springs FL Can Help With Summer Plumbing Problems

As the temperature rises so does a family’s water consumption. If the plumbing isn’t in the best shape, increased summer demand can cause major problems. Beat these common issues by following a few easy tips.

Keep an Eye on the Toilet

When kids are on summer vacation, the home will go through additional wear and tear. This applies especially to the toilet, which may go from two or three flushes a day to more than a dozen. Keep things flowing by watching out for clogs and run-on problems. Encourage kids to use the right amount of toilet paper, and remind them not to flush objects down the drain. For help with a major clog, call Residential Plumbers in Altamonte Springs FL.

Maintain the Washer

With day camps, sports and swimming on the agenda, families know how to deal with chlorine, sweat, and dirt during the summer. However, all that extra laundry can strain the washing machine. If possible, try to do the wash during the coolest part of the day to avoid overloading the home’s cooling system.

Use the Dishwasher

From snacks to lunches, a houseful of kids means more dirty dishes. To keep messes under control, parents may be tempted to hand wash dishes throughout the day. However, using an Energy Star-certified dishwasher can save thousands of gallons of water each year. It’ll take some of the load off the home’s plumbing, and it will help turn several small loads of dishes into one big one.

Take Good Care of the Disposal

Along with the sink, a home’s garbage disposal sees more use during a long summer. Whether it’s a simple lunch or a weekend cookout for the whole family, it’s important to be careful when putting things down the disposal. Avoid putting fibrous foods, grease, and oil down the drain, and run some water through after each use. When there’s a problem with the garbage disposal, call Residential Plumbers in Altamonte Springs FL.

Summer can be a time for fun and games, but it can also cause problems with a home’s plumbing. By following the tips given here, parents can keep the fun going and the plumbing flowing. Contact Servicemaster Plumbing Services for summer plumbing help.

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