Know When Water Heater Repair in Freeport Makes Sense

Water heaters are an essential appliance for every home. Most homeowners never pay much attention to a water heater until it quits working. When only cold water comes out of the faucet, the first step is contact a qualified plumber to determine the extent of repairs needed. Next, homeowners must decide if it is practical to repair the water heater or if it should be replaced.

Since water heaters have a relatively short useful life, industry experts do not recommend making expensive repairs if the appliance is more than five or six years old. In other words, replacing a heating element on an older electric water heater might be practical, but going much beyond that might not make financial sense. Professional plumbers providing water heater repair in Freeport consider the age of the unit as well as its quality when making recommendations for repairs or replacement.

Older water heaters are much less efficient than newer models. With utility costs going up all the time, replacing an inefficient unit with a modern, high efficiency unit should be considered. Costs of operating a water heater should always be a factor in making the decision to repair or replace a water heater, as utility costs are almost certain to rise further.

If replacing the water heater is the best option, there are choices to be made. A modern alternative to the traditional tank type water heaters routinely seen in Freeport homes is a tankless water heater. Traditional tank type water heaters store a supply of hot water throughout the day, and keeping that water hot all the time is costly. Tankless water heaters only heat water when it is actually needed. For many homeowners, that can significantly lower utility costs. A professional plumber can help homeowners analyze their hot water needs to determine what type of water heater is most practical to meet a family’s specific needs.

Water heater repair in Freeport does not need to be complicated. With the help of a professional, homeowners can make informed decisions about repair or replacement options. If homeowners decide to replace their water heater, iocal experts have a variety of water heaters available to match the expected needs. If repairs are more practical, they can quickly repair most units. Pearson Plumbing and Heating for details or call (815) 398-8312. Visit the site for more information.

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