Call a Plumber to Clear a Clogged Drain Quickly

There is never a convenient time for a clogged drain. In addition to the inconvenience, backed-up toilets can be very unhealthy. Gray water deposits bacteria on the floor and allows them to escape into the air. Plumbing companies understand these issues and always have a plumber ready to respond to emergencies. Modern plumbing equipment allows a plumber to diagnose and unclog drains very quickly. They can use a small camera on the end of a steel cable to see exactly what is clogging a drain. A radio signal from the camera shows the plumber the exact location of the blockage.

With this information, the plumber can plot the best strategy to remove the clog. If it’s within 75 feet of the opening, the plumber may decide to pulverize the clog with a powerful steel claw placed at the end of a flexible steel cable. Blockages located deep in a plumbing system are cleared using powerful streams of water. This is called hydro jetting. A specialized nozzle forces water out at 5,000 psi. This is sufficient power to eliminate almost any blockage. This includes tree roots that have invaded pipes near the septic tank.

Homeowners may be surprised to learn that tree roots are the source of their blockage. This is actually a very common occurrence. During dry summer months, tree roots will travel large distances in search of water. Hydro jetting clears the tree roots, but they may leave damaged pipes behind. Plumbers no longer have to excavate the yard to replace the damaged pipes. They can use a strong liquid epoxy to reline them. When it dries, the epoxy is even stronger than the original pipe materials. Tree roots will not be able to penetrate it.

After the pipe has been cleared and repaired, the plumber will use the camera to ensure that it’s completely fixed. He will also look beyond the blockage location to make sure there are no additional problems. Drain Right Services is one of the plumbing companies in the Los Angeles region that has these capabilities. Customers can call them for a free estimate and to schedule an appointment. To see their business reviews visit Yelp page.

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