Common Questions Homeowners Ask About Drain Cleaning in Chicago

When discovering a clogged drain, homeowners may feel a fear of dread. Drain clogs can be difficult to free and homeowners may need to contact a company that provides drain cleaning services. To learn more about clogged drains and how they can be prevented, read the questions and answers below.

Q.) What does a plumber use to clear the clog in a sink drain?

A.) A plumber uses various types of tools to clear a clog in a sink drain. A plumber often uses a cable that has blades attached to the end. The plumber lowers the cable down into the drain and turns the cable, which rotates the blades. As the blades turn, they chop the clog into small pieces and these tiny particles go down the drain when flushed with water. Another method that a plumber can use to clear a drain is by using a high-pressure jet system. This piece of equipment shoots a burst of water down into the drain pipes. Since the water that flows out is pressurized, it thoroughly cleans away debris and grease as it travels through the pipes.

Q.) What can a homeowner do to keep the sink drains from developing clogs?

A.) A homeowner should never pour grease, fat or oil down a kitchen sink drain. These substances can quickly cause a clog in the drain pipes. Homeowners should also be careful about the items that they put down the garbage disposal, as some foods are known to cause drain clogs. Foods that shouldn’t be placed down into the garbage disposal include eggshells, coffee grounds and bones. Bathtubs often clog due to a buildup of hair in the drain and if the hair clog gets too far down in the pipes, a plumber that specializes in drain cleaning will have to unclog the drain.

Homeowners can contact a licensed, bonded and insured company, such as Apex Plumbing & Sewer, Inc. to clear their clogged drain. This company also offers sewer repair and plumbing services for homes and businesses. Look around their website to learn more information about the company and to contact them for a estimate.

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