When to Call a Toilet Replacement Service

It is usually pretty obvious when it is time to replace a toilet. While the temptation may be to try and get as much use as possible out of all bathroom fixtures, replacing these items when needed can prevent a lot of expense from water damage. Calling a Toilet Replacement Service is an easy way to reduce the frustration and labor that comes from swapping out this deceptively difficult plumbing feature.

There are plenty of DIY tips for removing and replacing an old toilet, but in reality, a lot of homeowners will find this task more difficult than they think. It is a dirty job, toilets are much more cumbersome to handle than many people expect, and fitting in a new one properly and making certain it remains leak-free is a very important step.

Additional concerns are the pipes and fixtures. If a toilet has been in place long enough to be worn out and need to be replaced, the plumbing it is attached to may also be in a similar condition. In fact, since it is not uncommon to update bathrooms by replacing only the visible fixtures and features, the pipes may be even older than the toilet. It is never a bad idea to have a plumbing professional at least inspect the bathroom plumbing before beginning any project.

A Toilet Replacement Service, assuming the plumbing is in good condition, is a fairly fast process. Most toilets can be removed and replaced within a matter of an hour or less. This includes sealing the toilet and cleaning up the bathroom afterwards. The plumber completing the task will specify to the homeowner the amount of time to wait before using the toilet, in order to allow the caulk line between it and the floor to fully seal.

Carlson Bros Mechanical Contracting can provide more information to local homeowners about how the service is performed, the cost of the project and how long it will take from start to finish. In addition, they can also provide an inspection to see if replacement is even necessary, or if a repair is possible instead. Contact them to schedule an appointment before beginning and project alone. You can also connect with them on.

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