U-Clamps, SMC Clamps And Specialized PVC Pipe Clamps

Have you ever been working on a project and discovered that something that is just a basic, low-cost part is the one thing you forgot to buy? If you are working with PVC pipe, it is a pretty good guess that one of the most commonly overlooked components are PVC pipe clamps.

These are handy, cheap and very practical clamps that are ideal when running any length of PVP pipe for plumbing, irrigation, pools, outdoor water features or just about anything else as well.

At FlexPVC, the inventory of PVC pipe clamps goes well beyond what you will find at the local hardware store or even the big box building supply store. The inventory includes clamps for all sizes of PVC pipe and for all types of special applications and ease in installation and fabrication of systems as well.


There really isn’t a lot to say about U-clamps, other than they are available for different sizes of pipe, and buying the correct size is important to stop vibration that can be significant as water is turned on and off under even normal household water pressure.
It will also be important with longer runs of PVC pipe to place the U-clamps at regular intervals to prevent the pipe from swaying or sagging between clamps that are too far apart.


SMC or Super Mounting Clamps or Clic Clamps are a very quick and easy option for installing PVC pipe in any orientation including horizontal and vertical. These clamps are actually fun and easy to use, and they install with just one screw instead of the two screw installation needed for the U-clamps. (Although there are slots for more attachments points if desired.)

With these SMC or Clic Clamps, there is a single screw in the base of the clamp that is attached to the wall, floor or ceiling or any other solid surface. When the screw is in place, all that you have to gently to firmly into the clamp and it will snap closed around the pipe, holding it in place. The clamp holds the PVC pipe off the surface about a half an inch, which is great for planning and designing the installation.


Another option is the Cobra Clip, which is very similar in installation and use as the SMC. However, with the Cobra Clip the pipe is held further out from the wall, ceiling, floor or other mounting surfaces, for a total of about two inches.

Choosing the right PVC pipe clamps and remembering them as part of your supplies will help you to complete your installation neatly and ensure the pipe is supported and securely in place.

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