Three Reasons Why Homeowners Need Toilet Replacement Services in Madison WI

When the toilet isn’t working correctly, it can cause panic throughout the household. Some toilet problems are minor and can easily be repaired by the homeowner. If the toilet is beyond fixing, a professional plumber should be called for Toilet Replacement Services in Madison WI. Read the information below to learn three things homeowners should look for that signal they need a new toilet.

Leaky Toilet

When homeowners see water on the floor around the base of the toilet bowl, this is a pretty good sign that the toilet has a leak. Toilets can leak around the base and this often occurs if the wax seal is broken. The bottom of the toilet tank is also susceptible to leaking and many homeowners may not realize this is where the leak is coming from until a considerable amount of water is on the floor. Homeowners can run their hands along the bottom of the outside of the toilet tank and feel for wetness.

Cracked Porcelain

Porcelain toilet bowls and tanks can crack and this also leads to a leak coming from the toilet. Most porcelain cracks are very tiny to begin with and homeowners may not even notice the crack. After a while, the crack gets bigger and this causes more water to leak from the toilet. When this problem occurs, there’s really nothing a homeowner can do except call an expert for Toilet Replacement Services in Madison WI. Homeowners may begin to notice that their water bill is regularly increasing each month and this is because the crack in the porcelain toilet is expanding and leaking more water.

Numerous Repairs

Toilet components can wear out after many years of use and when this begins to happen, it may be best to replace the entire toilet. Continually paying for replacement parts can get expensive and if the toilet is already several years old, it’s just a matter of time before it quits working completely. When components begin to fail, it’s usually more cost-effective to just purchase a brand new replacement toilet.

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