Three Answered Questions about Septic Tank Cleaning in Titusville, FL

There are many properties throughout Florida that use septic tanks instead of municipal sewer lines. In some cases, it’s because a home is too rural for municipal access. However, in Florida, septic systems and wells are common in areas that are close to the water, as it’s not possible to properly install municipal lines in areas below sea level.

Maintaining a system with regular Septic Tank Cleaning in Titusville FL is an important part of owning this type of system. There are all kinds of issues that can occur when a tank isn’t properly cleaned and maintained, some of which is unsanitary and dangerous.

How Often Should Maintenance Occur?

Emptying a tank generally only occurs every three to five years. However, if someone is unsure when the last cleaning took place, then it’s important to have the tank emptied or inspected so that the homeowner knows when they will need to have it done again.

A tank that is not emptied on time will cause the pipes to backflow into the house. This means that the content of the tank will enter the home through any sewage line, which includes sink drains, bath drains and the toilets. This is not only messy, but it introduces dangerous bacteria into the home, which can cause people to get sick.

How Much does Emptying a Tank Cost?

The cost of Septic Tank Cleaning in Titusville FL will depend on the size of the tank. The smaller the tank, the less expensive it will be. The range can be anywhere from $75 for a small tank to $350 for a tank that’s over 2,000 gallons. If someone knows what size tank they have, they can get a quote from local septic services to ensure that they get the lowest price. There might be a contingency to make room for any issues that might occur during pumping.

How Long will it take to Empty the Tank?

Emptying the tank can take up to an hour if it’s very large. On average, regular tanks with no issues take about 30 minutes. It won’t take long before a homeowner has access to their sewage system again.

Whether you’re new to owning a home with a septic tank, or it’s just time for it to be cleaned, visit They will provide you with a quote to clean your tank and get the job done as quickly as possible.

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