There Are Times When An Emergency Plumber Must Be Called

Although different people may have a different opinion on when an emergency plumber needs to be called out, there are three situations where there is no question. If any of these three problems should occur after hours, then you must get in touch quickly with an emergency plumber in Winnetka.

* Burst water pipes:

Living in the Great lakes area means bitter cold winters. Often a pipe will freeze and burst, this is definitely a reason to call an emergency plumber. How can you tell the problem is a burst pipe and not something else?

Obviously, if your basement floor is flooded or the exposed pipes that run along the joists in the basement are spouting water, you have an easily identifiable burst water pipe. If the pipe is hidden beneath a slab or behind a wall it may not be so easy to identify. If you turn on the tap and nothing comes out or you flush the toilet and it does not refill, chances are good there is a broken pipe. All you can do is shut off the main valve and call your emergency plumber in Winnetka.

* Clogged toilet:

At first glance a plugged toilet may not seem like much of an emergency, but all you have to do is need it and then you will know. The more people living in your home, the bigger the emergency is. Although there may be other toilets in the house, if the problem is located in the main drain leading to the sanitary sewer, then all toilets will be a problem.

* Gas leaks:

Although you may only think of a plumber as a professional that deals with water and waste lines and associated fixtures, they also deal with gas lines for your water heater and furnace. If you smell gas, have everyone leave the house and call the professionals.

When it comes to plumbing problems it is always better to be safe rather than sorry. If you can’t deal with the problem yourself then calling an emergency plumber in Winnetka is a wise move.

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