The Benefits of a Garbage Disposal

Are you considering adding a garbage disposal to your home? A lot of people consider a garbage disposal for the convenience of not having to worry about scraping food into a trash can where it can sit and start to smell if you do not take the trash out on time. Of course, the convenience is a huge benefit that can certainly add up over time and they not only benefit you, but the larger community. Some of the benefits of a garbage disposal in Stockbridge, Georgia are a cleaner and more sanitary kitchen, less waste, and fewer garbage bags; plus, bio-solids are used for fertilizer. You can become a more environmentally-responsible household when you have a brand new garbage disposal installed.

Rotting Garbage is Nasty

Rotting food on the garbage pail in your kitchen can bring flies, maggots and it just generally provides an unsanitary environment. A garbage disposal will eliminate biodegradable waste from your kitchen trash. Overall, you will have less waste, which means fewer garbage bags for you to buy and fewer garbage bags in the landfill. A lot of people worry about the waste from their food scraps getting into the water supply. Wastewater treatment plants clear the water of all debris, then use the sludge as fertilizer so nothing is ever really wasted. Imagine your waste can be reused to help grow your next meals!

Other Ways Garbage Disposal Benefits the Environment

Trucking your waste and all your neighbors’ waste to the landfill, where it has to be processed, requires a considerable amount of fuel that releases greenhouse gases. When you consider that your waste has to be processed at the landfill, which uses more fuel, which releases more greenhouse gases, it becomes clear how every bit counts. If each person in your household generates 40 pounds of food waste per year (and this is a very conservative estimation), think about how much that affects your household’s carbon footprint. Sure, a garbage disposal may seem a like a small change, but it certainly helps the environment over time. Every little change you add up to a big difference. You can visit Business Name and make an appointment to have a garbage disposal installed, so you can take the first steps to become an environmentally-conscious household.

Delta, The Educated Plumber, is ready to help you start making the changes to live a greener lifestyle with a brand new garbage disposal in Stockbridge, Georgia. Call today to set up an appointment!

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