Signs it’s Time for Sump Pump Service in Carmel, IN

Sump pumps are designed to function separately from main plumbing systems to remove any storm or surface water that is accumulating in a home’s basement. They are typically housed within a recession in the basement floor called a sump pit, which places them out of sight and out of mind for most homeowners, at least until they begin to malfunction. If sump pumps malfunction during a serious flood it can lead to potentially severe water damage and other negative consequences, so it’s important to call for sump pump service in Carmel IN as soon as any of the following issues begin to occur regardless of what the weather looks like.

Clogged Filters

Sump pumps come with inlet screens and grates designed to prevent things like leaves, pebbles, silt, and other types of debris from entering the pump. If these filters become clogged, the pumps will not be able to function as intended. Homeowners can view the filters by simply unplugging the sump pumps and removing them from the area so that they can see inside the sump pits.

Dead Batteries

Most sump pumps have emergency backup batteries that allow them to function even when the electricity has been turned off to the home due to major storms. However, not all pumps come equipped with backup batteries. It’s a good idea for homeowners to check their pumps’ documentation to find out what their battery maintenance schedule suggests and if they find there is not a battery backup system in place, to consider installing a new pump that does have this feature.

Changes in Sounds

Most homeowners who have sump pumps can easily recognize the sounds they produce when they are working properly. If the noise produced by the pump’s motor begins to change significantly or if there is no sound being produced at all despite the presence of water in the sump pit, it’s a sure sign that something’s wrong. Call for Sump Pump Service in Carmel IN immediately to prevent water damage during that next big storm.

Keep an Eye on Aging Pumps

Sump pumps that are more than ten years old have already reached the end of their expected lifespans, making them more prone to mechanical failures. Even if they appear to be working properly, homeowners should pay extra attention to them and call for a replacement as soon as they notice signs of failure. Visit website domain for more information today.

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