Signs It’s Time for Tub Repair in Clinton, MD

Taking a bath is supposed to be a relaxing experience but, when tubs begin to deteriorate, it can become a source of stress rather than relaxation. There are many reasons that a tub can become damaged, but once the damage is done, homeowners only need to make one decision: whether to have the tub replaced or too look into Tub Repair in Clinton MD. Read on to find out about a few signs it’s time to look into repairs before the damage becomes any worse.

Pooling Water

If there is water pooling outside of the tub every time residents of home take a bath, the chances are the bathtub leaks. Leaks can occur even due to small cracks in the tubs themselves or their faucets, and these small cracks can lead to significant water damage. It’s always best to call for repairs before the problem gets any worse.

Unattractive Stains

Staining and discoloration can occur due to mineral buildup, hair dye, or mold and mildew. Sometimes, these stains are superficial and require only a specialty cleaning product to be removed. Serious stains, on the other hand, can only be effectively removed through professional bathtub refinishing.

Excessive Wear

Most bathroom cleaners contain harsh chemicals, which can wind up damaging the tub over time. This damage is most commonly seen around the tub’s drain and faucets, but it can occur anywhere if these chemical cleaners are not properly rinsed after they are used. This type of excessive wear can often be addressed through bathtub refinishing as well, avoiding the need for a more expensive replacement tub.

Chips and Scratches

Bathtubs are designed to withstand a good deal of use, so the chances are they won’t become chipped or scrapped due to a falling shampoo bottle. However, if an object is dropped with enough force, it might lead to chips or scratches. These should be addressed immediately, as they will only get worse over time.

Repair or Replace?

The easiest way to decide between replacing an old tub and enlisting the help of a professional for Tub Repair in Clinton MD is to get in touch with a plumber who can evaluate the damage and offer a quote for repairs. Check out Domain to find a local plumbing company that can help today to get started.

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