Septic Installation in Arlington, WA: Concerns About Swampy Land

People who have houses built in rural areas outside of Orlando may need to have a septic system installed. Because the land can be swampy in this region, special considerations are involved when it comes to septic installation in Arlington, WA. In addition, homes may border wildlife refuges, parks and natural water features that must be protected from contamination.

A septic tank is usually buried underground. It’s connected to the home by a sewer pipe, and it also is connected to a leach field where the wastewater drains. Solids and scum stay in the tank. One of the concerns regarding septic installation in Arlington, WA is the possibility of the drain field becoming overly saturated with water after heavy rain. The drain field functions as the filtering part of the system in this private wastewater treatment plant. A common effective solution is to build a mound for the drain field. This adds additional soil that the wastewater percolates down through, avoiding problems with saturation.

It may also be problematic for the home’s residents just on a convenience basis if the leach field is always wet. Although certain activities must be avoided because they compress the soil on this part of the property, people still may want to use the land. They shouldn’t drive or park vehicles on the drain field, but they can walk across it. They could have a clothesline or bird feeders there. If the ground is wet a great deal of the time, they won’t be comfortable using it.

Before installation, technicians from a septic company evaluate the property to determine where the optimum location for the septic system is. The best location isn’t always the most convenient for household residents, but it’s best if they accept the location and work around it if possible. The tank and drain field both must be located within a certain distance from the building for the system to function efficiently and effectively. Also, trying to situate a tank and drain field far from the house has substantial costs involved with additional sewer pipes and other equipment.

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