Prevent Sewage From Returning With Help From a Drain Cleaning Company in Stockton CA

A blocked drain can cause a lot of problems. For instance, a clog can slow down or eliminate the flow of waste water and force the sewage back into the building. If the home or business makes use of a septic system, this sort of situation can be very destructive. This is because the liquid is difficult to contain and will always take the easiest path. This is not a problem, but a clog can quickly become a problem by forcing the waste into tubs and showers.

The first step in controlling the situation is contacting an experienced Drain Cleaning Company in Stockton CA. However, eliminating the blockage is just the first step in improving the way the sewer system functions. Poking a hole in the clog or trying to push around it usually does not remove it. The best way to deal with this, once the blockage has been fixed, is with a high power washing system known as a hydro-jet or water jetting tool.

Sewer pipes should be inspected annually to avoid most problems, but cleaning the pipes can usually be done with a longer interval between services. The use of a high-pressure system ensures the waste and debris are removed from the pipe, and this helps the sewer pipes function like new. Jetting the pipes will require some skill or the contractor is simply wasting time. The inability to reach deep into the pipe may prevent the removal of enough gunk to make much of a difference.

Two common ways to access the external sewer lines are a vent in the pipe or the removal of a toilet. Unfortunately, the latter option is not practical for cleaning because the pressurized water could cause a lot of damage to construction materials such as drywall. This situation may require the contractor to dig a little in order to access the connection between the home and the sewer line. In some instances, jetting or rooting may require accessing both ends of the sewer pipe.

Eliminating a clog can be an expensive repair, but the use of cleaning systems makes the job a little easier. It can also provide additional benefit by allowing the plumber to inspect the quality of the pipe or search for cracks. Contact the experts to learn more about drain cleaning or read the full info here.

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