Plumbing Installation in West Chester OH for Replacement of Hidden Leaking Components

In some cases, plumbing leaks may seem hidden even though the household residents know about the leak. Those leaks may be easy to ignore, but they can add a significant amount to the water bill every month. Other leaks are obvious, with an annoying dripping sound being heard every few minutes as water hits a sink or tub. Services for Plumbing Installation in West Chester OH can replace these problem components if repairing them is not feasible.

Toilet Tanks

What are hidden leaks that cost money, even if they aren’t causing structural damage? One example is a toilet leaking water into the sewer pipe little by little. This is a very common problem that people often don’t know about until the tank starts losing so much water that it has to refill an inch or two. The sound of the water rushing into the tank is noticeable, especially because this starts happening on a daily basis or even more often. Replacement of the tank’s interior parts resolves the problem.


Another example is a leaking P-pipe under a sink that is hidden inside cabinetry. A bucket placed under the pipe catches the water and muffles the dripping sound. That bucket might only have to be emptied once a month at first, but gradually, it will start filling up more often. Part of the pipe or fittings might need to be replaced to stop the leak.

Bathtub Faucets

If the bathtub faucet is leaking, the dripping might be hidden and the sound muffled with the shower curtain or shower doors. Again, that might be hiding the leak, but it still requires paying more in water bills. Replacement of the faucet by a service for there fixes this problem.

Water Heater

A puddle at the bottom of the water heater could be a warning sign of a big flood from that heater waiting to happen a few days later. The heater might be in the basement or hidden behind a closet door, but it should not be ignored. Instead, the homeowners should call a service such as AA Plumbing to evaluate the situation. here to learn more about this particular organization.

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