What Is No-Dig Pipe Lining?

If you have some kind of pipe problem, you need to have it addressed quickly. There are several different pipes that run into and out of your house. For your plumbing system, pipes run from the municipal water source into your home via the water main; then they are distributed to different fixtures all over your house. Finally, they are collected and directed to the municipal treatment facility or to your septic tank. There are many different ways for pipes to be arranged and many ways for the pipes to be damaged. If you have a problem with your pipes, the traditional way to fix them is to dig a trench into your yard.

Trenchless Repairs

The most common and traditional way to fix your pipes is to dig a trench and then pull up the damaged part of the pipes. However, no dig pipe lining will allow you to fix your pipes without doing any damage to your yard. The pipe lining process involves slipping a patch into the existing infrastructure of the pipes. In the traditional method, the pipe would be exposed and then a patch would be welded to the outside of the pipe.

However, if you want a pipe repair that does not disrupt your entire yard, companies like website use a trenchless pipe repair system that will do the job.

Lining Pipes

The no-dig pipe lining involves inserting a patch into the pipe at the point of the damage. It can be done with minimal digging in your yard. While it is often billed as no dig lining, it sometimes involves some digging. The digging is minimal, though. In many cases, the no dig system actually does truthfully involve no digging. You should consult with professionals as soon as you think that there might be a problem. You can connect with them on Facebook for more updates!

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