Need Water Line Repair Service in Conyers, GA?

A soft, soggy, wet spot in your yard could mean either you have a broken water line or, worse, a broken sewer line. If it’s a broken sewer line, you’ll know by the smell. In either case, you’ll need a plumber.

Fortunately, water line repair in Conyers, GA, can be scheduled 24 hours a day. Unfortunately, fixing a broken water or sewer line involves digging a trench in your yard to uncover the pipe and locate the leak. However, your grass should grow back quickly.

Once the leak is located, it can either be repaired with epoxy or that section of pipe may need to be replaced. Your plumbing contractor will know exactly how to proceed. Keep in mind while the repairs are underway, the water to your house will be shut off. In the case of a sewer leak, you will not be able to use the toilets.

If you are handy and have the tools, you might be able to tackle the job yourself. However, without quite a bit of knowledge and experience, you could simply mess things up even more. Unless you really know what you are doing, leave water line replacement in Conyers to a professional. This is especially true with broken sewer lines.

If the leak is close to the house, it could also cause serious foundation or basement damage. Do not put water or sewer line repairs off.

If you need sewer or water line repair in Conyers, then contact Liberty Plumbing. Visit for more information!

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