Methods of Drain Cleaning

Clogged drains remain to be one of the dreaded events in the life of many homeowners. This is mainly due to the unpleasant and often times unsightly results of the clog. Whereas there are a number of ways to keep the clog menace away from your home, one of the simple and effective practices is to regularly clean your drains. Drain cleaning in Waterford area homes may be as intimidating as rocket science, but here are a few methods that will get the job done:

*    Snaking – This is a simple method of using a specialized cable which can clear through two inch and four inch drains and remove any dirt or material obstructing it. This effectively clears up the sewer lines and allows water to run through without the buildup of clog. While the procedure is not particularly difficult, trained plumbers can make the work much easier and finish it faster.

*    Hydro jetting – This uses high water pressure system and works very effectively in comparison to the other methods. The results of hydro jetting also last much longer which means that it may be more costs effective in the long run. Hydro jetting is especially ideal in removing stubborn grease stains. The use of specialized tools also ensures that the pipes return to their original diameter.

*    Power rodding – This is similar to snaking in design but it is different in its execution. Power rodding is meticulous as it is a thin cable with razor-sharp blades at the end that fit the interior measurements of the pipe. The cable is then rotated by an electric motor at a very high speed reducing the residual matter to very small bits that can then be flushed out.

No matter your preferred method of cleaning your drains, First Class Plumbing is ready to offer assistance all through the process.

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