Learn About Water Main Replacement in Fairfax VA

A water main is an underground pipeline used to carry water to a customer. These pipes are also known as primary feeders. This tube delivers water from a treatment plant to a customer’s home or building. Having potable water is essential for daily activities such as eating, drinking, cleaning, and bathing. In residential areas, this pipe often runs under the streets. Water is pressurized to move through a pipeline. When a crack or hole develops in this pipe, the water will rise to the surface due to this pressure. This water will continue to flow until the pipe is repaired. You may need a water main replacement in Fairfax, VA if a plumbing contractor determines the need for one.

There are signs indicative of a water main break. These include leaking fire hydrants, standing water in the streets, low water pressure, and flooding in the streets. Some factors that cause water main breaks include pipe corrosion, ground movement, age, and severe weather. Customers are sometimes given little notice when this happens. Water supplies to customers may be affected for an extended period of time.

When a water main breaks, the location of the break determines who is responsible for the repair. When it’s a city’s responsibility, crews will be dispatched to a site to determine if there is a water main break and where the break is located. Local valves will be shut off to isolate the problem from the main water supply. All utilities in an area must be identified before repair work can commence.

Once utility lines are marked, work can begin on a excavation. Most water mains are buried 10 feet underground so heavy equipment may be used to gain access to this pipe. Since safety of workers is the number one priority when fixing water mains, work time may extend if additional measures need to be taken. Once a water main is located, professionals can decide if it needs a Water Main Replacement in Fairfax VA.

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