Is It Time For Sewer Line Replacement in Old Bridge NJ

Homes must have sewer lines to get rid of home plumbing waste. That sewer line can lead to a city sewer system or a home septic tank and drain system. The sewer line is below ground, so it is invisible and easy to forget. But, that sewer line is a pipe in the ground. It is susceptible to damage from tree roots, heavy equipment driving over it and crushing it, and internal blockages. Older septic lines can be susceptible to rusting and other degradation.

Why Do Sewer Lines Get Plugged?

The sewer line can suffer a build-up of material that causes the flow area to get smaller until it does not let waste flow at the necessary rate. The soil supporting the sewer line can be washed away or compact in a way that the sewer line is no longer supported and sags or breaks. Tree roots can work their way into the pipe to feed on the home waste and cause a blockage. Heavy equipment can be driven over the sewer line pipe collapsing it. The residents of the home can flush or wash the wrong things down the drain system of toilets and sinks and cause blockages.

Older sewer lines can be made of metals that corrode over time and fail. Companies such as Apollo Sewer and Plumbing offer Sewer Line Replacement in Old Bridge NJ. They are capable of updating a whole plumbing system or updating a system with partial replacement as needed. The best sewer and plumbing companies have video camera capabilities to find the real problem areas and avoid digging up a whole yard. They have grinding equipment that can be fed into a drainage pipe to rotate and grind all the blockage and pipe build up away to restore the flow.

Repairing Septic Lines

A sewer line might not be fixable and need Sewer Line Replacement in Old Bridge NJ. The whole length of sewer line can be dug up and new pipes laid in a modern, approved material, or some sewer lines are good candidates for a sewer line replacement that does not involve all that digging and mess. A slightly smaller sewer line is fed into the line after any blockages have been removed. The original pipes must be large enough to accept the new pipes. The sewer repair company will inspect the drainage system to make a determination. Visit us for more information.

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