How Does Sewer Line Snaking in Corona, CA Work?

Drain snakes are used to clear stoppages from plumbing lines. More often than not, these blockages occur in sewer lines, which can lead to all kinds of unpleasant problems.

While it would be irresponsible to suggest that homeowners should perform Line Snaking in Corona CA on their own sewer lines, the process is quite interesting. Read on to find out how a professional will go about removing any clogs that he or she finds in a home’s main sewer line using a snake to satisfy that curiosity.

Step One: Position the Drain Snake Appropriately

First, a plumber will find the main line cleanout and check the pipe for standing water. If it is present, he or she will run the drain snake toward the street but if the toilets are clogged and there is no standing water, the drain snake will be run toward the house. It’s always best to position the snake close to the cleanout in order to avoid potential safety issues.

Step Two: Feed in the Snake

Once a professional has positioned the drain snake appropriately, he or she will feed in a few feet of cable at a time. The cable used for Line Snaking in Corona CA must be held tightly, especially if the machine being used does not feature a spring-loaded cable. Once the snake reaches a tough clog that causes the cable to kink, the machine must be turned off immediately.

Step Three: Clear the Clog

Once the clog has been tracked down, the plumber will simply move the snake back and forth a few feet at a time as many times as necessary to remove the stoppage completely. At this point, he or she will ensure that no other clogs are present by feeding an extra 10-15 feet of cable into the drain.

Step Four: Check the Drains

Finally, the plumber will remove all of his or her equipment from the sewer line and head inside to check the toilets and tubs. This will ensure that no additional clogs are present.

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