Hiring A Service That Does Bathroom Plumbing Repair in Pittsburgh PA When A Toilet Won’t Flush

When there is a toilet in the home that becomes clogged and does not flush appropriately, calling a bathroom plumbing repair in Pittsburgh PA is an option to get it working without causing damage to the piping system in the process. There are a few tasks that can be tried at home to get a toilet to flush after a clog occurs. If these actions do not work, it is best to call a professional for assistance.

Try Using Tools To Help

Attempt to use a toilet plunger to help pull matter from the piping system so it dislodges, allowing water to flow downward. It is best to refrain from trying to flush the toilet too many times if this method does not work after one or two tries, as water can then overflow. If necessary, scoop some of the material from the toilet bowl first and dispose of it in another toilet that works. This way the water level will not continue to rise when trying to flush. If this does not work, use a plumber’s snake to push matter out of the way inside of the piping system. This tool will help to dislodge material not reachable by hand.

Use Water With Force

In some instances, using water at a forceful speed will help to dislodge material blocking the piping system. Fill a bowl with warm water as this will help to break up solid waste and toilet paper that will not flush as needed. Hold the bowl of water at waist level and pour it into the toilet bowl quickly. The force of the impact may do the trick in pushing material down the piping system.

Get A Plumber To Help

It is best to contact a professional to help if a clog is too severe to remedy yourself. They will have the proper tools to uninstall the toilet if necessary so they can check the piping system for obstructions with ease. This also ensures your plumbing does not become damaged in the process of unclogging the toilet.

Contact about A Comfort Service if you require Bathroom Plumbing Repair in Pittsburgh PA. Schedule an appointment for an evaluation or ask us for tips about toilet clog situations.

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