Advantages Of Installing A Tankless Water Heater In Memphis

Hot water is something most don’t want to do without. It’s usually necessary for washing dishes, doing the laundry and especially for showering or bathing in a comfortable manner. Unfortunately, traditional water heaters don’t have a long life expectancy, as they usually do not last more than ten years before they must be replaced. Fortunately, newer tankless water heaters have a much longer life span, usually lasting 15 – 20 years before they must be replaced. Though more expensive to purchase initially, a Tankless Water Heater Memphis may offer many other advantages too, over a traditional water heater. Advantages that may make it a better choice when it’s time to replace an existing unit. The space saving, energy efficient tankless unit offers continuous hot water with no risk of running out, making it a smart and long lasting replacement decision.

A tankless hot water heater takes up much less room than a traditional unit with a 40 – 50-gallon tank. A small tankless unit can be installed easily on the wall of the utility room, garage or even outdoors. This leaves more storage in the home and minimizes damage if the unit were to malfunction. A traditional unit can cause major home damage if it malfunctions or leaks.

Because tankless units are essential “on-demand” units, they are quite energy efficient, only heating water when the faucet is opened. A traditional water heater must store 40 – 50 gallons of hot water in the tank, in anticipation of being used. By only heating water, when necessary, most can expect to see a savings of at least 20% off the energy bill each month. Additionally, because the tankless unit has the capacity to heat water as it is needed, the risk of running out of hot water is minimized. This is a great advantage in a home where back to back showers are taken frequently.

When considering the purchase of a new Tankless Water Heater Memphis, most plumbing companies, such as Drain Go Plumbing, can outline the advantages of a tankless unit. Before making a decision, the potential client may wish to browse website information to assess the pros and cons of each unit. Undeniably though, with the numerous advantages of the newer tankless units, saving money, saving space and having hot water on demand, whenever it is needed, makes the choice of a water heater clear.

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