A Guide to Broken Water Mains in Alexandria, VA

Broken water mains in Alexandria, VA may cause serious damage to property if they’re not found and repaired promptly. A leak won’t just flood the home; it may weaken roads and cause them to deteriorate. When extensive damage comes, fixing a water main is time-consuming and costly. Leaks are a common issue, and they often appear in the walls, on floors, and on the ceiling.

The Water Main: What Is It?

Water main is the primary line linking the home’s plumbing system to the city’s water supply. It channels water into the home’s pipes, ensuring adequate supply. Because the water main is typically buried, it can’t be accessed without some serious digging. That’s why it’s important for a homeowner to look for possible issues.

Signs of a Leaking Water Main

Considering the difficulty with which leaks are identified, there are several signs to look for. They include:

* A flooded street. This is a common sign of a water main leak. When pipes rupture and water has no other place to go, it bubbles into the street.

* A flooded yard. Other signs of a pipe leak are sinkholes and unexplained flooding in the yard. Because these conditions pose a serious risk to people and animals, call a plumber as soon as possible.

* Leaking appliances. Water accumulating in the home, especially on floors and under sinks, may indicate a water main leak. A proper plumbing inspection will reveal such issues.

* Sounds. Bubbling from the sink, whistling from pipes, dripping, banging, and clanking noises may indicate a broken pipe. Pay attention to these sounds, especially if they’re coming from leak-prone areas.

* Unpleasant Odors. When sewage and dirty water aren’t going where they should, there may be a foul odor in the home. This is a reliable sign that there may be a pipe blockage or rupture.

These are just some of the signs of water main issues, and there may be others. If problems are found, call to schedule repairs.

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